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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Labor of Apologies

Sunday, 3am, 01 May 2011. I met Sage online in October 2010. Although this unit I am staying had been pledged to me then, I had not moved yet. I gave the address to Sage but I was surprised he checked the place and found it empty! Sage felt that I was playing him, that I was being false! I apologize and stated that the place is pledge to me just that I have not really move in yet. He said ok but did nto return even after I have moved in. He was an unfinished business ....

So, whenever I am online, i do apologize for that lapse. I do promise I will make it up for his coming here and finding the place empty. This time, I was sleepless and so I was still awake that early in the morning. He said its nothing and ask if I am free, why not a meet up? Huh? Personally I want to go to sleep and all, but feeling hungry, just a goto (rice porridge), bath or shower, and then go sleep. Hmmmm, but then, I had been asking for him to reconsider and it has been 8 months! So, ok.. fine, I said yes.

I saw him, cropper hair, military cut, dark skin, he reminded me of my latino friends. But I doubt if his treasure would match those latinos! He was smiling when I met him at my doorstep, the place is a mess but not empty as he first came.

I led him to my bedroom, it was a hot morning. I already finished another shower. There we lie, getting accustomed to each other. The DVD playing providing a hot scene. And soon enough we are both naked .. and... he is limp! Oh my god, I thought he is horny, I was wondering why he is not hard, why is he not aroused? Doubt entered my mind, but I thought, at least I have apologized and this would be no longer an unfinished business. Soft and small I took him in my mouth. I was on my back, he was on his knees, feeding me .... then he uttered something that raised my eyebrows

"Yari ka, pag tigas nito."

What the fuck? A verbal threat? From a puny, soft cock? It was so easy to stuff all in my mouth, I would not even choke even with his balls.. duh... Its a good thing I already have my mouth full, I might have laughed or replied.. I was only able to smile. BUT....

Oh shit, oh my god! He does not only remind me of the latino friends, he is equally endowed! He is soft because he needs that much blood to make it hard and big! He was big enough that my mouth could not take in full his dick, there was around two fingers extra, no matter how much I try to deep throat! And yes, this time, hard and big, he can choke and kill with his cock! Just a good thing, I am practice with endowments, with hugeness like his! So there I was, suddenly burned up with desire, my own libido.


  1. shit bert ang laki nga!

  2. Wow Bert, great cock pointing down like that. What a great feeling it must have been having that inside you :-)

  3. Wow Bert, great cock pointing down like that. What a great feeling it must have been having that inside you :-)-WRONG GRAMMAR

  4. Really love this site and ur stories. What's ur yahoogroup ?

  5. tangnang titi yan. ang laki! sarap siguro pakantot. super J ako.

  6. BERT the best ka talaga... nagjajakol na naman ako sa mga photos mo... sana ganito palagi ang photos yung kitang kita ang titi at itlog kagaya ni Sage :) More power, pls visit my blog