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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Painful Lesson ......

28 April 2011. Ok, to continue with my thursday night, Jonvic and I left Chad. We proceeded to my place, feeling each other out. Jonvic said he wants to give me a massage, oh ok, it has been a stressful day - the stress of waiting for my things from Caracas that did not arrived.

Ting was already in my pad which was a bit more reassuring. Although it was already it was early evening, the heat was terrible. I took a quick shower while Jonvic waited in my airconditioned room - with an educational tape of various male sex.

After the shower, I went in my room just wearing a towel. Turned off the lights and lie on my stomach. Then he asked for some lotion... oh huh, no, i want my body free of oil or lotion that it can be kissed so I offered alcohol for him to use. WRONG MOVE! When he offered to do some massage, I presumed he knows how, that he can handle oil, lotion, or even alcohol. He was definitely amateur, and he let the alcohol ride down my ass, and on my balls! I gasped not because of his touch but the effect of alcohol on my genitals, on that southern region. Yes, eventually we did end up having sex, and he has texted his desire to come back, but I would definitely remember forever was the part when that alcohol glided on my balls ... it is a painful experience that can be used as a torture!! Woe is to me!

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