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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday the 13th Walk Out

13 May 2011, Friday. Yes, I still have some photos and the other blog posts to write and all, but of all that has happened, what lingers in my mind is Denvil. It was definitely a learning experience, I guess for both of us, me and him. Denvil and I had been exchanging messages at Romeo. He wanted a threesome or orgy but I insist a one on one before I introduce him to other friends. (I have created a side box text why I have to do a one on one, finally putting it into writing, Waki is right that it is sort of a screening).

Back to Denvil, normally I do not set up threesomes or orgies for people I do not know, but if a friend of mine would want to drop by at the same time, then Go! In this case, in this case, Marktopnotch said he is interested and he did come on time by 630pm. Unfortunately, he left since Denvil arrived around 740pm! That is the first lesson, be prompt, be punctual. Off course, Denvil would cite that that was friday traffic, he had to finish something else, and that it was his first time - then we should not commit to time schedules we would not able to meet.

We were exchanging txt, then the first foreboding warning about was when he asked me again to text the instructions because he had deleted it. Duhhh, right then I wanted to cancel. I know he had just taken the MRT and he was already in Pasay taft, and now asking on how to proceed. But, not easy to text all of that again! If you chose to delete instructions on directions that reflects a certain lack of seriousness.

Anyway, I choose to press all the buttons to resend the instructions again. And to cool off I took a shower. He arrived just in time that I finished my shower, I welcomed him wearing only the towel. I ushered him in the bedroom. He was looking at my place, it was definitely a work in progress, my stuff of 105 boxes from caracas, venezuela finally arrived after more than 8 months! I apologized for the mess. But the tv is now a 37 flat screen, playing the man to man is more erotic than ever. So, he was on the bed, fully cloth and I am just wrapped in my towel. I was back hugging him, touching his man breast.. then he spoke

"Malapit lang dito si John, di ba?" (John is just near here, right?)

Ah ok! Game over! Am old but not that stupid, I got my cue. I stood up, turned on the lights. Start dressing up.

"Anong ginagawa mo?" (What are you doing?)

"Magbibihis" (Dressing up.)

I mean, what's the use? So I put on underwear, shorts, and a sleeveless shirt. He turned off the lights off again on his own. I simply sat on the corner, got my cat and hugged him, waiting for him to leave.

"Can I take off my pants, its hot"


He took off his clothes and was only wearing his underwear. Hohumm, wish he would leave, I felt it was a waste of time. When Marktopnotch have left, I should have gone with him. Anyway, I think he got horny and would most likely jack off, with no help from me, and be off! I left the room open, went out and just started trying to fix my place. And somehow, just on cue, Ting arrived! Saved by the bell, now I can leave. But I was still civil, I said my goodbye.

"Saan ka pupunta. Usap pa tayo. Please?" (Where are you going, lets talk, please) he even reached out and hold my hand. Duhhhhhh, I was already pissed off, felt so rejected, and now, after watching male porn, he had become horny and would want me, simply for him to relieve himself? Excuse me, I still have some dignity, I do not mind being treated like a charity case, but at this point, I have some fuck buds - I am not his type, then so be it, I have others who like and do enjoy my sexual expertise. So, I left him. So there, yes, there would be some who would not like me, then the feeling would be mutual. I reserve the right to walk out, even if its my place. I had a better time shopping.

Ps... ( more later)


  1. Nice one!
    It is good that certain people should learn the courtesy when meeting up with people. Fine.. sex is the primary motive but sensitivity to the host should always be recognized.

    I assume this person is young... because all he can think about is himself and thinks he is a blessing just to be even there.

  2. tama lang na ngyare sau yun kc masyado ka assuming lols hahahaha

  3. Hi Bert, I am glad you took control of the situation. Most tops think that it is the bottoms responsibility to take care of them and bottoms are at their beck and call. I am really glad you put your foot down. Please stay happy and miss our chats, you know. I am glad you're still in your best form. Take care and peace man! Your friend Tony