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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Orgy

Saturday, 22 December 2012. We do not have an office Christmas Party to attend so me, XXXXX, and YYYYY thought of ahving our own Christmas Party. Naturally - the list of invitees was culled down to those who are acceptable to both of them. I offered my place, XXXXX brought the food which he actually cooked : carbonara and chicken fingers, and YYYYY bought a case of San Mig light. The initial text also asked for an exchange gift - and in the end, two pairs simply exchange gift. Carlo and Bong M exchange gifts, the pair was seen lovey dovey on the terrace. Jake and YYYYY exchange gifts supposed to be, YYYYY was drunk he misplaced somewhere his gift and Jake was not able to wrapped his water bottle, and they were the pair on bed!

I received some PR and text messages about the event - some people feeling sorry they were not here, which is most likely because they were not invited for one reason or another. "Sayang", duhhh. The event eventually ended in an orgy but it was not planned, and these pics posted are the last set of what had happened. The last guest left around 6 am and I was able to sleep around 7am!

Alex was someone I did not invite, I was surprised to find him on the terrace. The invitees does not have a plus one. I took time to get to know him later, he is not into the sex group but prefers more to watching. Its a bit fun getting to know him but he is one not he is at first impression.

Gian C is not on PR, he is a blog reader and agreed to visit and ended up in the group fun.  Alex texted XXXXX saying the kid (he said he is only 18 years old) has a funny oral smell and XXXXX replied : "what do you expect? He sucked all of the cocks and kissed every mouth available.

I told this to Bong M who defended Gian C that he is cool. I still remember the text of BOng M : Gian is extremely cool, he is submissive but he is young. Gian asked for the number of Alex and Bong but both did not give me a text to share their number.

Andy got sick and I felt "domesticated" carrying a mop to clean up the mess! Rhay even asked if there was some drinking that happened usually, I said no. I mean - I did not spend much except for the plates and fork but there is going to be a group fun - drinking and food only prolongs the stay.... and some do not know how to hold their alcohol!

Oh well.. in fairnes... I was happy to have friends feels good even if I was just taking pictures and cleaning up... and now, thinking of one last hurrah.. most likely on 30 December, Monday!!!