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Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Saturday of 2013

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Rod is someone I had known for around 16 years, I was in my 30s. He definitely has the looks then and now being a Joel Torre look alike. I still remember the bus ride we took from Makati to his place in Cavite, he was asking if I would be the one to replace his loved one - the one that he attempted suicide and so, thus in the middle of the morning, I got scared and went home. I was young but I got scared to love him back and then be tied up because of emotional black mail, which is how he sounded. We did however got in touch and thus when he requests an invite of other friends, I try to accommodate his request.

I made some invites for those that seem to be submissive or would not be agressive. (So Paul NBO, this is one reason I did not invite you although you texted and ask me to invite you. You are an aggressive top, shoving your cock into the mouth of some people which is why Carl feels he should be on the lookout for the safety of others if you would be around. Me, I have doubts of inviting you also because the last time I invited you, wow, I was ignored as in - a little respect being the host... you just went straight to the action.. )

Isko was invited since I think Rod and him are of the same age range but he declined at the last minute. Andy arrived first and someone it worked for a threesome. Arby arrived later and by that time, Andy and Arby clicked on together. Hmmmm .. Andy had fucked me earlier thus I know how it feels... Arby asked if the thing happens every saturday, well, not by design.. just happens...

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