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Sunday, August 26, 2012

E is for Edward

Am serious and surprised when he told me his name - Edward! I did ask him if i can use this given name of his instead of his PR nick, he agreed. I mean, imagine I had A-B-C, then D, and now E! He texted me last thursday, 24 August 2012 if he can drop by after school, I said yes. Well, his PR profile said he is already 22 and still a student, thus when I saw him wearing a white uniform, I was no longer surprised, actually expecting it. If a person is still studying beyond the age of 21 - either he is a working student or taking up something related to the legal or medical profession.

We got to exchange messages again from that planet romeo and from their he got interested with this blog of mine. I guess he wanted to know more about the masculine physiology, not just reading them in the books. He was quiet looking around my place, I told him to leave his bag outside and we went inside my room.

I asked if he is expected to be home or not - if he is, its a quickie and he would not mind me rushing things and then he goes back home. But he said, he can stay a while - that means I can take my time, gentle and enjoy his company longer.

I asked him first to sit down on my bed, still fully cloth. Still quiet, I cuddled and hug him. It was a slow disrobing him, the white polo uniform, the sando undershirt, and then the pants! He had to undo his own belt, its a different buckle, damn these buckles. Then... his manhood was there for my mouth. He moaned with pleasure...
"Fuckkk.... shitt...."
simple words, affirmation of my oral expertise...

My mouth would alternate between his nipples and his cock; I enjoyed his pecker as it was definitely hard. He did not cum in a condom but on his body, with his semen spurting as far as his chest! That is how randy it had been to him.

Ps... I enjoyed his company and he is cute for me although he disagrees with me, he does not think he is cute. Well, I like him also and there is this certain chemistry that I ended taking a quick nap on his side, i felt comfortable resting cuddle next to his body.


  1. nice clean-cut dick with no visible dark scarring and excess skin.

    1. Which is why I had another go with him... earlier