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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Salesman Julio ...

He emailed me asking for my number and address, I obliged. He introduced himself to be Makati based, living and working in Makati. I was definitely coming in blind with him. If he was a contact from Planet Romeo, I would have some more ideas like his stats - height, weight, age, etc. At times, I would have a picture to relate to the name - but in his case, nothing, nada.  I have to trust faith, I have to trust that he has a reason for his discreteness.

He txted me the same day, that Holiday Monday of 27 August 2012. What was I planning to do? Nothing. My Mother and my brother had gone to Tagaytay yesterday, expecting them to come back in the evening. I had been sleeping till 730 or 8 in the monring reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy - I find it quite instructive. There had been instances that I had allowed to be spanked, to serve as a sex slave - but not to the extent of having safe words and all. I do understand the feeling to dominate, to be submissive, and most of all - I do aim to please.

I have a habit of coding the people based on their nick or aliases as it is the first to stick to my memory. In this case, its Julio. According to him he is into sales, a medical representative - which gives the chances to be that he is 90% quite presentable. True enough, I like his face, he is cute and i could not help stare and look at his face. I would have bought from him, whatever he is selling.


  1. Sarap naman nyan!!

  2. 100% guaranteed! My ass was shouting for him which is why I placed a condom and sat on his cock. I move up and down, rounded and squeezed my ass. When my strength and endurance was falling, i encourage to change it to a sitting position... transition that I might lie on my back with him to fuck me on top.. but then, my ass was so happy with his dick inside me, it continued to act on his own... and for the first time i experienced someone coming inside me ... in a sitting position....

  3. mukhang sumablay ka yata ngaun sa fuck may tae condom oh di ka ba naglinis???

  4. Wow grabe sarap nman nyan ano email nya ma email hehehe...