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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mr. Darius, pageant winner

Already had my ABC in a previous post, surprisingly am continuing my alphabet. He said he is Quezon City based and thus Pasay City is quite far for him for a booty call. He goes to Pasay, for practice since he would be joining another body contest for 25 August 2012. However, the choreographer who is teaching them to dance - did not sound off. Having a free time, he decided to text and go to my place. I have no idea or any expectation, just welcomed him!

He said he is not handsome and that I should not expect too much. I do not mind, I have reached my ripe age of 45 (going 46) of not expecting anything - just hoping they do show up. So I was there on my terrace waiting for him. I saw this person with long hair as it was clear on his white shirt. It turns out he has a long pony tail and he is clean shaven. He is shorter than me, around 5-6, prone to a stocky body, not fat and not lean either. I can only smile, my night is secured, close deal.

I lead him to my bed. He was quiet, I guess not so talkative. I urged him to disrobe and he took off his clothes leaving his white boxers and then he lie on my bed. I promised a massage and I keep my promises although I already saw he has a hard on. His cock was already hard, shouting for my mouth. I focused on the television showing the Game of Throne HBO series. He has a very fat ass, so round, so full! I never did learn how to massage, just got a notion when I hire masseurs. And I remember the moves that makes me horny.... I alternate between the clean hard thumb pressure on his back and those light feathery touch on his ass. He would grind his ass, obviously affected.

My hands press on his sides, slowly clawing it to his sides. He was definitely hard. Am not a bad person, I know I am scandalous when I am wronged but nice, and I chose to be nice to his dick. I took off his underwear and took his cock into my mouth. His manhood enjoyed my mouth! After 15 minutes of a back rub... its now his cock that gets my attention. He moans his approval of my oral ministration - time to get the camera... click! click! yeah... got my fair share... enjoy!

Soon, he was fucking my mouth! That is the signal for me. When a guy starts to fuck, to thrust his hips up and down my mouth - he is definitely primed up to fuck my ass. I stopped and took a condom to place on his dick, place some EZ lube, and then sat on his cock. I slowly sat on it, exhaling a relief when he was in. Then I rock my ass, up front and back., he closed his eyes... damn, nothing like a hard dick in my ass! I was enjoying it, and so thus he...and he lose his control.. yes! cum! cum!..

I took off the condom although he was still hard.  I asked him to lie back and resumed my massage. It was a delight ... i would allow him to rest and then move for a second round...

After massaging his back and legs, i ask him to move. I was surprised to see his cock so rigid, so hard! Damn, i went on it so greedily. We were both moaning again, rubbing my body against his. Again, I sat on his dick but this time I tried it not facing him. It was different feel and more difficult, his dick would slip out of my ass. So had to change position, to sit on his dick facing him. Then moving from that so that both of us were seated. And the final position was him on top of me, my legs in the air, he was also earnestly hugging me. I felt his body, his arms, and his manhood! This... he lost it... and came!

I accompanied him to the corner. Idle chatting on the road.
So, how kind of a contest is this?
"I already have won a Mr title before. I want a change, something different"
"So how different is this contest or pageant"
"Its just girls"
"Wait, I don't understand. So what are you? Escort of the contestants?"
He is quiet, hesitance.. then he replied
":Its a Ms. Gay contest"

yeah... i was speechless....


  1. typical pinoy size:
    3.5-4in flaccid; 5-5.5in erect; 5in diameter
    tama ba bert?

    1. I do not know about the flaccid size. I saw a website stating a smaller erect one. As you can see in my blog, size varies.

    2. thank you so much bert,your blog is very helpful in studying the male sex anatomy (penis size, circumcision prevalence and style) among Pinoys.
      its learning while having fun haha.keep it up!

    3. May I emphasize - rigidity or hardness counts? A penis might be smaller but being harder than a bigger penis, makes its presence more felt inside the ass. Likewise, the time element - some are big and hard, but not for long....

  2. Nice entry bert -bryan :)

    1. Thank you Bryan - just text me when we should have the coffee....

  3. Then you like the big AND hard penis that lasts?

    I'll be there!!

    1. mas malibog ang mga bisaya haha

    2. i have no basis to say that... patikim nga ng mga bisaya? Davao is Mindanao, sila - sarap... kahit ilang araw lang ako.. matitigas!