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Friday, August 3, 2012

Oooops! It happened again!

 2012 August 01. Typhoon Gener is driving people crazy, particularly me! Its just a good thing that since I could not go out of my pad, people come and visit me. Friends are always welcome! So, I had Siopao, K, and Tauro.


  1. Nothing like a good storm to get guys into bed!!!! Bring on the rain!! hehe

  2. Bert mabait b sina tauro,jayson at mga 3sum boys s blog mo.bka pwede nman maging textmate sila para mk join ako.ano number nila bert.

    1. Ikaw ano number mo? Ayaw mo ibigay, ayaw mo malaman ng buong mundo? Ni hindi mo rin ako ma email privately... sorry, kung ikaw nga you want it private.. so is this group.

      Wala akong permission from these group to give their numbers.

  3. Bert ok lng b makatext at mging kaibigan ko din cna tauro, jayson.k at siopao.give mo number ko 09095729662 tnxz.