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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Windman ... What a WILD FUCK!

I received a PR message from Windman, he gave his number and I gave mine. Then, we had been exchanging messages. His work schedule is hard, a graveyard shift. He promised to visit on his free day, and so I just smiled. If its meant to be, it shall happen. There had been times I would be exchanging messages via PR and txt, and a meet up would not materialize.. or has it happened with Von - it took a year and a half before we finally met. True enough, time will tell.

Windman txted me if I was available that sunday, 19 August 2012, in the afternoon. I had been sleeping around 6 am reading ebooks. I had been staying late, so late just to finish the trilogy. Windman is only 20 years old, so he says. He said if his father would not ask him to go, he would like to drop by. I am alone, my mother and my brother's family went to Tagaytay for the long weekend. I said yes... no problem.  I already had Cavemar, my thirst was satiated. Funny, I had not sex for a week, then just suddenly I had Cavemar by lunch and another possibility by afternoon!

He knocked and txted he was here. I was around 60% of the last book of the trilogy. I thought I can simply suck him, he would cum, and then back to my reading. Perhaps I would not even have to disrobe and sat on his cock. I would be 46, what a surprise to see his manhood. It was definitely hard, so sweet and good inside my mouth. Five minutes? More than that. He moaned his appreciation when I sucked his cock. I smiled and the fire in me was definitely stoked. He even reminded me to take pictures, I almost forgot my camera as it was a delight to lick and move my tongue on such a hard on.

Soon he was fucking my mouth, I was gagging in his man meat.  My ass wanted that piece of meat also. I turned around, took my shirt and pants off. I was glad I had been fucked earlier, my ass was still good for such hardness. I was not able to help myself, I moaned... I placed my hands on his hips

"Are you hurt? Sorry.. sorry"

I hold on to him less he stopped and take out his cock. I smiled and looked him in the eye. I was on my back, my legs in the air, his cock half way in my ass. It hurts, he was opening me wide - but I love it. He brought on the wild side in me. He was not gentle, he was brusque, pushing himself in, drilling my ass, pulling out and pushing in, i was delirious with his pumping.

I moved - from my back on the bed, we were then both seated. Then while doing it doggie style, I asked him to take pic shots - I want to have it.... we were both moaning and enjoying the sex of it.. it was so much... we had to stop and take a breather


  1. Those are nice and hot pics. I wanna have a threesome with you and Windman!!!

    1. I definitely understand you, even without a threesome I want to have sex with him again.... the raw sex, the moans, the sweat!

  2. i know. me too. he looks so hot! Share mo naman sya. Hehehe!

    1. Dear anonymous, tell me how to share him with a stranger? Post his number here on the internet? Would you like your number to be posted on the internet? You, yourself chose to be anonymous - so pray tell?

      If your serious.. feel free to email me at

  3. Masarap ang balbon. Haha. Mas masarap ang matindi mag fuck kaysa sa walang thrill. Mas masakit, mas masaya. Sana makilala ko sya.