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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Happy Weekend .... Saturday night (1 of 2)

Bibear messaged me  and asked me what are my plans and I simply replied : None. I think I also received text messages Saturday afternoon asking if there are invites or plans, same thing, nada, nothing, none! I was being cranky, that sort of mood. Friday night - the lights went out past midnight and it was not until saturday morning around 530am that it went back on. I was not able to sleep, kept on fanning myself. Messages were incoming on my mobile : any visitors? Duhhh, I have not met this texter and he only ask about my visitors? Hmp, so i just reply curltly: None.

Yes : my mood was sour and irritated a bit. I am not mad about these texters who appears to have nothing on their mind except sex, group sex specifically. I mean, generally speaking you do not invite a total stranger into a family reunion... so why should I invite someone I had not met to have sex with my friends? One texter even argued that we know each other - by text! We never met but since we had been texting, I should invite him over and have group sex...  sighhhh .....

What change that night? Kenjie! He texted if he can stay the night ... ho hummm... an overnight? I .. was hesitant but i do have met him twice, the first time was a threesome and the second time was that one big orgy event for Nelo. He texted to ask to come and sleep overnight - not for any other guests or to simply stand by, so I opted to welcome him. And if I would welcome him, minus well invite XXXXX who asked me to go out the previous night for a drinking spree, I offered him our company - and he was on his way. Both Kenjie and XXXXX did not ask if I would be inviting anyone, that is the reason both are still welcome in my place.  Others are one time visitors particularly if I feel or sense my place or I was used for my contacts or for the pleasure of having sex with my friends, these also goes for those texters interested in coming. If there is a bad vibe somewhere, why should I welcome someone? More so that I never met the person.

Kenjie arrived first - one thing to remember, sex with a drunk person is generally risky : risky that it would be unsatisfying. Thus, I do not invite people over for a drinking spree in the hopes of having sex - not my modus operandi. XXXXX however is a different entity, he can drink all he can and still perform, and after more than 16 years of friendship; he is definitely at home in my pad to my closet and refrigerator! Kenjie even commented that XXXXX and I appear to be an old married couple, squibbling, fighting, and then would be laughing out lout over things he does not understand, not knowing our history.

Threesomes are good more so if one is the focus, like in this case, XXXXX and I are friends for so long we do not focus on one another : the object of our desire woudl be Kenjie. And since he was there, I took the shot first.. we had sex. It was not hurried, slow, deliberate, fucking hot sex! The same sequence, get nude, put cock in mouth, nibble on the nipple, place condom on dick, sat on dick - and then various permutations.  Kenjie stand 5-7 and I stand at 5-8 so we are an even match. He fuck me in various positions and I was shouting and moaning free willingly, happy to receive his long cock. He came first hand on his member and then it was my turn, it was one of those rare times I wanted to cum : and my semen squirted to my body.

XXXXX arrived just after we both had climaxed. I opened the door fully naked, and went back to the bedroom! XXXXX went out again to buy Red Horse and they drank and watch porn while I play Plants versus Zombies.

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