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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Am back! I was in seclusion, or I enjoyed my solitude. Time flies that I am surprised that it had been a month since my last posting! I only had one sex so far this October and it was unplanned. I met Nilo at lunch time but it would only be my breakfast. He treated me at Cabalen and I pig out! It was second time this year that I remember eating there. We had a good time updating each other with recent events. I worked out earlier and then had my lunch at around 6pm - wherein I received a text from Kenjie - I replied "subo kita ?" He said yes and I set a time at 9pm  instead, ample time to go home.

Who is kenjie? All I remember is that we had been exchanging text messages and PR messages for a while, he even had change his nick. I was surprised to learn that he is Ilonggo, 25 years of age - and had been in Manila for the last three years in the hope of providing for his 3 yr old son, he did not marry the mother of his son but left him under the care of his parents. He is employed currently as a construction worker ....

I did say yes ...  but not really expecting anything. Tauro did ask if I can help him de stress : a massage in my place, which I readily said yes.

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  1. Great post Bert. Looks like he had plenty of cum to shoot!