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Friday, October 18, 2013

Invigorating Fuck from Noodlecups

It must be over a year or something when I first met Noodlecups. It was suppose to be a one on one but then that is my standard offer : and if i have more than one takers, well, not so many people are against having a group fun. Thus, in his case, his first time became a foursome or something. That first time, I know there is someone else and XXXXX, who commented that he thinks the other one has a skin rash, and thus it was the other one's first and last.

Noodlecups is a professional, work, work and work.  That day, was a thursday, he went on a half day for a job interview, looking forward to another opportunity. Thus, with a free afternoon, he opted to text me if I am free - yes, Me! So I said yes, and had a good time with his rock, hard dick.

Noodlecups was... well, someone on the OC side? Or he is simply such an organized person. He really arranged and holded his clothes nicely when he took them off, also set down his shoes and socks. I felt insecure with all the mess of my place.  Oh well, am not exactly asking anyone to stay and sleep with me.

The sex ... he was reserve but the best saving grace is how hard and thick his cock is. It was such a delight sucking him that I felt a certain vigor in going up and down. I wanted to kiss and feel every inch of his dick, have that hardness inside my mouth and then my ass. He knows his limits, stopped me from continuing to suck his dick less he cum so soon. I stopped sucking him, took the time to read and reply to my text messages, then got myself a condom and lubricant sachet. I have not been having sex but it was one hell of a hard cock, time for my ass to have a feel of it.

I lavished lubricant on it after fitting it with a rubber. Dabbed some remaining lube on my ass and carefully poised myself over his dick. Slowly my asshold adjusted to his size and hardness, it was painful.. and yet it was nice, it felt so good to hurt.

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