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Monday, October 28, 2013

Arby's Experience - in his own words

In an attempt to rekindle my love for writing, I've asked Bert if I can create an entry on his blog. After confirming that I  can, I immediately decide to write a modest entry of my experience.

I've been a follower of his blog for a long time. I never had an experience doing orgy but had an idea of the fun it offers from watching porn videos and reading some articles from Bert's blog. One night, after browsing some online users on PR, I've come across his profile and decided to message him and ask if I can join him with one of his sessions. Luckily, he agreed to meet me and try one-on-one. After sometime of planning and multiple number of postponing, we finally had a common free schedule and finally meet. Since we agreed to do a solo sex, I'm expecting to find him alone on his apartment. To my surprise, I see that he already have 2 guests with him. I enter the scene with his 2 guests on his veranda and he's inside his room helping some plants to win a battle against some zombies. I was introduced to his guests (Jake and XXXXX) and was told to mingle with them first. XXXXX and Jake is really nice, starting a conversation with the usual questions of introduction, I immediately feel comfortable with their company. They confirm that I have to go through with Bert first before experiencing orgy. Since I really don't consider myself an expert on that craft, I suddenly felt the pressure of impressing Bert with what I have.

After eating one stick of barbeque and drowning it's flavor with beer, I was escorted by Jake to Bert's room to start the night.He's still playing Plants vs. Zombies when I enter, good thing Vice is on with The Voice finalists to keep me entertained. After sometime, his game froze and we finally start the deed. He start working me with his mouth and that's how I realized why he have so much entry on his blog and manage to keep number of regular fucking friends. He's really good with what he does and the pressure I felt earlier doubled as I know that I have to return the favor and try to be a better entertainer than his Plants and Zombies. I start licking his nipple and decide to fuck him early. I was already thinking that if I don't pass his standard, then at least I was able to experienced his ass. I could have ended the night with me just fucking Bert but I was surprised that Jake enter the room while I'm in the middle of fucking. I thought that he will just get something inside but he stayed and help us by licking Bert's nipples. We changed position and I was lying on my back while Bert rode my tool and Jake expertly work on my nipple. A lot had happened and I'm tired of putting it in details so let me just write how I had my first cum. I am still lying while Jake is licking my nipple and played the small vibrator inside of me and Bert's mouth giving my tool some attention. Needless to say, the sex was great and long and so I was not surprise to unload that amount of cum.

After the first round, I went outside to check the collection of books that he have. I asked if I can check a set of Tarot cards and went inside his room again. XXXXX and Jake is inside watching TV. I sit between the 2 of them and start browsing the cards when XXXXX start kissing me. And that's the start of how my second shot of cum was released.

After cleaning up, we decided to go outside again to smoke and eat the cake XXXX brought. They shared some of their experiences and I jealously listened. I noticed that XXXXX entered Bert's room and Bert begun moaning. Curious, I checked the room and they were just playing (XXXXX is fucking Bert with their shirt still on). I heard that XXXXX is saying goodbye to Bert and I was supposed to thanked him and bid my farewell when he start kissing me torridly again. So much for saying goodbye, he begun guiding me to bed without bothering to stop the kiss. And so my third shot of cum was once again released with the help of three of them.

Finally, we have to go on our own respective houses. While writing this article, I can still feel my ass throbbing and my nipples are still tender from what had happened. Needless to say, I greatly enjoyed this night. I just had my share of orgy and I know that this won't be the last.

Thanks Bert for the great experience.

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