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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunday Sex - as I see it

 27 October 2013.   I received two texts asking if they can dropped by. Davoo stated 7 pm and Arby asked for 9pm - I said yes to both. I have nothing planned except clean and who am I to refuse? :) But there is something about Davoo - he initially wanted to have sex around 3am on his mandatory rest period, I texted him and he replied so much later. Now, he sets it at 7pm - something about it. I texted a friend, Kenjie if he can drop by, there is safety in numbers. Kenjie arrived earlier and I received a text from Davoo that he is no longer coming because he feels I am not interested enough ... duhhh, what does he want? Me shout to the world that he is coming? Or that I text him again and again? Anyway, XXXXX surprised me with a Red Ribbon Chocolate cake and soon there was Jake with a mini Peach mouse cake! Well, XXXX also brought me three red roses - he remembered my birthday yesterday which I spent with family!!!

So Davoo chickened out, no big deal - I had fun with Kenjie! I sucked and sat on his cock, then we did it sideways with him hugging me tightly on my back. Sad to say, although it was good - he had jacked off that afternoon so that the sex did not become a marathon. Jake and XXXX however joked that I walked funny afterwards, Ha ha haha! In my mind, I remember one of the best jibes / joke on me : bakit kung maglakad ka parang may nakapasak sa puwet mo? (how come you walk funny like a dick is in your ass?). It was still a fuck that i felt good... I can rest easy for the rest of the night... but... ooops Arby did come around 9pm, true to his word. 

Arby was not informed but my apparent disinterest was with my ass already got fucked and thus it appreciates a little rest. My mouth however is on automatic and that he experienced with gusto! Arby and I were in the room for a while since I got engaged with Plants vs Zombies 2, I got addicted after downloading it that night while Kenjie was there.

I have no doubt Arby enjoyed the night and if I were to classify it, he is one of those rare guys that were able to cum thrice, yes, three times he did cum!

Round 1 : It started with him and me, his hand seeking my nipple : fully knowing its my weakness, my waterloo. We were just watching a gay porn with our hands roaming on each other bodies, and with my libido rising with the nipple tweaks I opened his shorts and reached for his cock. Like I said, my mouth has an automatic mode that endears me to some.Then he moved me to be on my stomach, I willingly obliged thinking it would be some play.. but he asked for a condom! Oh my, he wants my ass already. So I stood up and placed a condom on his cock and slowly sat on it, thus he was fucking me in a controlled manner.  Then the next position was me on my back, my legs in the air and him fucking me very hard. At this point, Jake comes in, at first just touching our nipples, nibbling us... but soon enough offered his cock fully. At this point, I was able to take pictures of Arby and Jake.

Anything special?  Well, enjoy the pic, yes its my ass sitting on Arby while a prostate massage was vibrating on his ass! Then he came on his body! end of round 1.

Round 2 : I was on the terrace having a slice of chocolate and coffee, one big red mug of it. At this point, XXXXX had entered the room so I could only presume that the three of them was having sex. I was enjoying myself on the veranda, getting a sugar high under a candle lit lantern. True enough, XXXXX came out later - stating that Arby came and he is not finished! In his own words, Arby 1, XXXXX 0. I did not correct him that Arby already came earlier... actually it should be Arby 2, rest 0!

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