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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First sex for the year

02 January 2013.  My first Sex for the year was from a Professional Daddy. I term him professional considering that he woke me up a bit before lunch dressed like a travelling salesman : long crisp one color long sleeves, silk printed tie, and a leather bag to boot!

I have admitted and posted it, I am not a morning person. Somehow, Stocky daddy was big and yet it was a size not from fat - he was hard, and he seemed hairy. Now, this is the first guy for the year - although not the time I like, I forced myself a smile. I lead him to my bedroom, Daddy was all smiles - like a child getting candy. I sense his satisfaction - he was suppose to be doing a client call and yet it would end up as a booty call. I do not mind, I know it would be fun.

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