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Thursday, October 31, 2013

First and Last ( 2 of 4 )

2013 September 01. Sunday. It was without a doubt the biggest orgy or group fun in my place. Its a fantasy or make belief for most. For such a group of around 9 men - it just broke down to threesomes or foursomes. Most people think I have too much fun when it was more of work and not to mention I was really pissed off. I own the place and thus I am the host, which comes with responsibility : making the invites, opening the door, making the condom and lubricant available, and taking the pictures! Oh yes, I was able to take a lot of pictures - even used two cameras!

Oh yes, that was also the time that Mortal Instruments were showing and one of the guests got a henna tattoo free, which marks him supposed to be a half angel/ half human. If it was a permanent tattoo .. it would had been edited out or the whole pic deleted.. in this case... Viktor allowed it since its only a temporary tattoo and I find it cute. Viktor then was a favored friend guests being a versa but in the party - he simply was a full top. How did he become favored? He was free willing, if and when invited - no expectation, biggest hassle would be his availability as he is uber busy, but then he is worth the wait.

One must be wondering, if I do not get fucked at all , why do I allow such fun? Well I know my friends, and since I like them, minus well give them a good time together.  I would get my good karma later, in this case - I get my treasure trove of pictures to remind and revel!

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