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Sunday, October 27, 2013

First and Last ..... ( Part 1 of 4)

2013 September 01. Sunday. I had been texting with Markjacob for a while, it was fun that for one reason or another would be cancelled or moved. Not for vanity reasons but for health - since I am diabetic, I try my best as in force myself to work out at least thrice a week, one hour gym work out. I walk from Pasay Libertad to the gym in Glorietta, not only I save Php8 on jeepney fare but that serves as my warm up and my cool down. It takes me approximately 35 minutes walking from home to the gym but longer on my way home as it is my cooldown. I prefer to work out on the last hour of the gym since it always has the least number of people and thus the lowest waiting time!

I was excited that finally I would be meeting this Markjacob who said he is a top versa and very much interested in having a one on one with me.... oh yes!

OH NO!! I was already walking home anticipating what would happen. I was trying to get a feel like if I can trust him that I invite my other friends or not, but then he had said he prefers just us.. but as I was on my way home - this was his text "invite your friends". Damn! So, what an asshole! He was not interested in me, he was interested in my friends... in having an orgy... I wanted to cancel it and just schedule something and yet somehow that would not be the end of it... better yet, I agreed to meet him on the corner of Tramo St and Pasay Road. Let me see how he looks like physically.

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